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Virgin Gorda Baths | Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Virgin Gorda Baths


British Virgin Islands
18° 25' 45.0516" N, 64° 26' 43.3392" W

Virgin Gorda Baths - Photo: gnilood

Virgin Gorda is the third-largest (after Tortola and Anegada) and second most populous of the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Located at approximately 18 degrees, 48 minutes North, and 64 degrees, 30 minutes West, it covers an area of about 8 square miles (20,6 km2). Christopher Columbus is said to have named the island "The Fat Virgin", because the island's profile on the horizon looks like a fat woman lying on her side.

An unusual geologic formation known as "The Baths" located on the southern end of the island makes Virgin Gorda one of the BVI's major tourist destinations. At The Baths, the beach shows evidence of the island's volcanic origins, as huge granite boulders lie in piles on the beach, forming scenic grottoes that are open to the sea.

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Virgin Gorda Baths

Virgin Gorda Baths - Photo: Robert Curley

Virgin Gorda Baths

Virgin Gorda Baths - Photo: u940974

Virgin Gorda Baths

Virgin Gorda Baths - Photo: Tom Keough

Virgin Gorda Baths

Virgin Gorda Baths - Photo:

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