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Tatio Geysers | Antofagasta, Chile


22° 19' 52.4748" S, 68° 0' 31.6944" W
Tatio Geysers

Tatio Geysers - Photo: Dave

El Tatio is a geyser field located within the Andes Mountains of northern Chile at 14170 ft (4320 m) above mean sea level. Contrary to some reports, it is not the highest-elevation geyser field in the world. Puchuldiza Geyser Field, Chile, and possibly several other fields are higher in elevation (Glennon, J.A. and Pfaff, R.M., 2003). Tourists often visit the geysers while touring the nearby Atacama Desert and the village San Pedro de Atacama. "With over 80 active geysers, El Tatio is the largest geyser field in the southern hemisphere and the third largest field in the world, after Yellowstone, USA, and Dolina Giezerov (partially destroyed June 2007), Russia" (Glennon, J.A. and Pfaff, R.M., 2003).

"Though possessing numerous geysers, none erupt very high. The highest eruption observed has been around 19,7 ft (6 m) in height. The average geyser eruption height at El Tatio is about 30 in (75 cm)" (Glennon, J.A. and Pfaff. R.M., 2003). The best time to see them is at sunrise when each geyser is surmounted by a column of steam that condenses in the bitterly cold morning air. The steam plumes disappear as the air warms up. It is also possible to bathe in the hot geyser water in a small pool. However parts of the field are very dangerous with a thin crust over almost boiling mud so ask your guide where you may go.

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Tatio Geysers

Tatio Geysers - Photo: russel.hayes

Tatio Geysers

Tatio Geysers - Photo: Mortyzia

Tatio Geysers

Tatio Geysers - Photo: Eva Ritchie

Tatio Geysers

Tatio Geysers - Photo: Rudel

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