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Hinchinbrook Channel | Queensland, Australia


18° 26' 13.6716" S, 146° 12' 2.0232" E
Hinchinbrook Channel

Hinchinbrook Channel - Photo: Tatiana Gerus

The Hinchinbrook Channel is a channel between the Australian mainland and Hinchinbrook Island. It runs for 32.5 mi (52 km) between Oyster Point, just south of Cardwell, and Lucinda in Far North Queensland. The Aboriginal name for the channel is Bolan Milbirmi. The Herbert River flows into the channel's southern point.

The Hinchinbrook Channel is protected within the Hinchinbrook Island National Park, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. Dugong feed and seek habitat in the sea grass patches along the channel seafloor. The channel is bordered by extensive, deltaic mangrove forests.

The residence time of the channel is roughly 50 days. This long period is due to the lack of mixing of water in creeks and mangrove forests with offshore water.

The Hinchinbrook Island National Park includes 393 km² area of Hinchinbrook Island, being Australia's largest island National Park. The continental island has a mountainous interior providing diverse refuges for endemic and Endangered Species.

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Hinchinbrook Channel

Hinchinbrook Channel - Photo: Dirk

Hinchinbrook Channel

Hinchinbrook Channel - Photo: Scott Gibson

Hinchinbrook Channel

Lagoon at Little Ramsay Bay - Photo: Vilis Nams

Hinchinbrook Channel

Hinchinbrook Channel - Photo: Andrew Purdam

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