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Hell's Gate | British Columbia, Canada


49° 46' 49.9368" N, 121° 26' 59.5968" W
Hell's Gate

Hell's Gate - Photo: pstani

Hell's Gate is an abrupt narrowing of British Columbia's Fraser River, located immediately downstream of Boston Bar in the southern Fraser Canyon. The towering rock walls of the Fraser River plunge toward each other forcing the waters through a passage only 115 ft (35 m) wide. It is also the name of the rural locality at the same location.

For centuries the narrow passage has been a popular fishing ground for Aboriginal communities in the area. European settlers also began to congregate there in the summer months to fish. Eventually the Fraser Canyon became a route used by gold rush miners wishing to access the upper Fraser gold-bearing bars and the upper country beyond up the Fraser and the Thompson.

The fishways at Hell's Gate became a tourist attraction in the 1970s. Among the attractions for tourists are the airtram, food outlets, observation decks and an educational fisheries exhibit.

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Hell's Gate

Hell's Gate - Photo: Craig

Hell's Gate

Hell's Gate - Photo: Hell's Gate Airtram

Hell's Gate

Hell's Gate - Photo:

Hell's Gate

Hell's Gate - Photo: Konstantin Krasnozhon

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