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Aparados da Serra National Park | Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Aparados da Serra National Park


29° 9' 31.95" S, 50° 4' 37.4052" W

Malacara Canyon - Photo: Ricardo Castro

The Aparados da Serra National Park (Parque Nacional de Aparados da Serra) is located in the Serra Geral range of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina states in the south of Brazil. It has been created in 1959 as one of Brazil's first national parks, to protect the Itaimbezinho canyon. It extends over an area of 25318 acres (10250 ha). Situated in Brazil's temperate zone, the parks are known for their amazing canyons, including Brazil's largest, Itaimbezinho.

Despite its relatively small size, the park is characterised by a rich biodiversity, as result of its diverse relief and of being situated at the contact between coastal forests, grasslands and Araucaria moist forests. There have been at least 143 bird, 48 mammal, and 39 amphibian species documented in the park.

Endangered fauna on the plateaus of the park include the Red-spectacled Amazon parrot, the maned wolf, and the cougar. On the slopes, the neotropical otter, ocelot and the brown howling monkey can be found. Currently a maximum of 1500 visitors per day are allowed in the park.

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Aparados da Serra National Park

Fortaleza Canyon - Photo: paulo_vet

Aparados da Serra National Park

Itaimbezinho Canyon - Photo: Richard Adler Cheles

Aparados da Serra National Park

Andorinhas Waterfall - Photo: CHICOPQD

Aparados da Serra National Park

Véu de Noiva Waterfall - Photo: ddourojeanni

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