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Welcome to the Earth Planet Travel website


Our aim is to show the places of the world that are less known in public. Not only to show the most popular travelling spots, but also the natural scenes that are as interesting and beautiful as the spots that tourists prefer. The list have been broadening and we are investigating the latest and most useful information according to each specific place.


Info about the attractions:


Name, place:

Name of the place and its county – region, country.





Flag of the country, classification into the World Heritage:
Flag of the country where the place belongs to at the moment. World Heritage logo (with Unesco link) shows that the place is part of the World Heritage.




Short information:

The most important information about the place.




Location Map:

You can see where the place is on the map.


Here you can find tips for buying a map or - if there is any – the website about the place and its approachings.


Here you will find blogs where people write their experiences about the place. With the blogs you get more accurate information in case you want to travel these places.



Reach Opportunities Pictograms:

They show how you can get to that place.

Airport Airplane                                                            Train Train                                                     Drive Off Road / Car

Trip Trekking / Climbing / Hiking / Trip               Bicycle trail Bicycle                                                  Ship Ship / Boat / Cruise

Tramway Tramway / Ropeway / Lift                              Kayak Kayaking / Rafting / Canoe


You can find photos, videos and a short description of the places which will take you closer to the spot.



In case you have any remark, write us:


We wish you a pleasant travel and hope that you will get to the places that you found during your browses!